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Cheap Wedding 101 is your source to save on your very important wedding day. Your wedding day should be something you remember for the rest of your life. Take your time and enjoy the moment that you have waited for your entire life. Make it enjoyable not expensive.

The average cost of a wedding today is over $20,000. This costs more than what most people expect to pay. This price does not include the cost for your honeymoon, your engagement ring, and other important factors that go along with having a wedding.

Cheap Wedding 101 is here to help you have a glamorous wedding while keeping your spending down. View our entire website for tips and resource to help make your day a very memborable moment. Make the time planning for your wedding a stress free time. A lot goes into planning for that special day, so today is the day when you get started on the right track.

Cheap Wedding

So where and how do you get started when planning for your wedding?

The first and most important factor is to find out how much time do you have from now until your wedding night. If you have a longer time to plan than it can come a little easier and be a little more organized. Now if you only have a few months you might have to cram a lot of work into a short time frame. Don't let it get to you because it can be done.

Planning for your wedding should be fun and enjoyable. Stick to the guidelines highighted here at Cheap Wedding 101 and you should be on your way to having the most memorable moment in your life.

Many people will help you in any way possible. They will come forward and offer their opinion. Some will tell you what to go with and what not to go with. Some will try and overcomplicate things. Take everyone's opinion and grow from them but just remember this is the day for you and your fiancé. So you two should have the final decision in what takes place.

Cheap Wedding 101
Congratulations on your engagement. You went around and told all your friends and family members. Everyone is so excited for you and tears are being shared. Happy tears. Once the big question has been asked, you run out and pick up every book and magazine related to weddings. You start to skim through them with big dreams of what you want you’re wedding to look like. A beautiful gown that you envision yourself wearing, a huge diamond ring, and 300 people watching you walk down the aisle.  

What you'll find at CheapWedding101


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Advice that you can follow when planning.
Great places to shop for savings.
How to stay organized when preparing.
and much much more...

Then reality sets in. How much will all this cost? If you want to have the wedding of your dreams, you can do so by keeping you’re spending down. Instead of purchasing a $3,000 dress, shop around and find something as perfect for a quarter of the price. You will find many tips and techniques here to help you do so. Try not to overshoot your budget. Always remember this is your day, but just be smart when it comes to the wallet.


Quick Planning Monthly Overview

9+ Months Prior
~Create a wedding folder/binder. Organize your binder.
~Anything that you come across should be added to your binder. Whether it is dresses, flowers, favors, location, photographer, etc.
~Decide what kind of budget you would like to work with.
~Decide on the date you would like to get married then book the destination of wedding.
~Come up with a rough list of who will be attending your wedding.

6-8 Months Prior
~Purchase your dream wedding dress.
~Set up the entertainment for the evening. (DJ, Band,
~Photographer, Videographer, etc.)
~Start shopping for bridesmaid dresses. Pick out the color you would like and remember to get color swatches to match the colors with your event.
~Purchase cheap wedding invitations. Get creative and make your own and save money.
~Start your registry.
~Start planning your honeymoon.

4-5 Months Prior
~Setup your rehearsal dinner. Try and bring down the cost by negotiating costs.
~Come up with the perfect songs that you want to dance too.
~Try on your dress again.
~Pick out your cake.

2-3 Months Prior
~Time to finalize food menu and ceremony.
~Purchase your favors for the guests.
~Try and setup up time with your event staff.
~Send out your invitations.
~Go over everything with your vendors.

Your Day -1 month Prior
~Start getting excited.
~Take care of RSVP list.
~Try on your dress and make necessary alterations.
~Schedule seating arrangements.
~Get ready and get married!!!

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